Midwest Thunder - Mac O Chee

Midwest Thunder round 4 at the Bullring – Mac O Chee in West Liberty, Ohio. Weather tried it’s best to dampen the racing on Saturday but the Buckeye and Mac O Chee clubs would not be denied racing! Although we got a late start on Saturday, it would be a really great day of racing for the kids of Little Kalamazoo!

Heat racing started out with Grayson Hathaway clinching a heat race win in Jr. Honda. His older brother Landon won his Hvy. World Formula heat race as well. With over 190 cars on the property this weekend several of our drivers worked their way through Lower mains to lock into the A main event. Landon Hathaway won his Hvy. 160 B Main to lock into a 7th place starting position in the A main. Garrett Daniels won the Sr. Honda C Main and finished 4th in the B Main locking himself into a P10 starting spot in the big show! Nolan Cooper won the Hvy. World Formula B Main and would earn a 7th place starting spot in the A main as well!

A Main – Podium Results for our LKS family!

Blue Rookie – 2nd Place Blake Stevens who also was the big winner of a Nintendo Switch as part of a give away!

Jr. Honda – 2nd Place Grayson Hathaway

Hvy. 160 – 1st Place Landon Hathaway

Hvy. World Formula – 1st Place Landon Hathaway

Hvy. World Formula – 2nd Place Nolan Cooper

Sunday would be a beautiful day of racing with the Sun shining and the Briggs and Stratton classes in the spotlight! 

Dylan Regnerus would get things started by winning his Sr. Animal Heat race and would put himself on the pole of the A Main getting himself a hard fought P4 finish, just missing out on the podium. 

Tavis Reniger missed out on the podium in Jr. Animal by 1 spot finishing 4th. 

In Unrestricted Animal we had a few club members trying to get their cars into the A main event through the B Main. Alexis Regnerus would finish 4th in the B main locking herself into the main event.

The A main Unr. Animal race resulted in a P4 finish for Cash Cooper who at one point was upside down and a really hard earned P2 finish for Alexis Regnerus who started 10th!!!

Lots of our kids made the A mains and had great finishes, congratulations to all and a big apology if I missed you...

A big, big congratulations to our club members on a great weekend of racing!